4 January 2022

Individual Excellence

“A job interview is a two-way communication to probe for cultural and team fit. No matter which side of the table you sit, you should be asking questions that are important to you without fear.”― Salil Jha

Interviews…the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We are here to help!

Companies are hiring fast, but the way in which they are recruiting in constantly changing.  The processes aren’t perfect, and there is plenty of room for error on both sides. Many recruiters have between 15-50 open roles they are responsible for, the reality is that there isn’t enough hours in the day to review every applicant, respond to everyone, and hit the timelines being asked. This isn’t making excuses, it’s just the reality of growth focused companies, sometimes things just can’t move fast enough!  That being said, ensuring you’re prepared during that initial interview will help you immensely in moving towards your ideal role, and landing that second or third interview.

First, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Are you clear on what you’re looking for and want in a role?
  2. Are you comfortable talking about yourself?
  3. Can you clearly articulate your achievements?
  4. Are you aware of your setbacks and how those have effected you?
  5. Are you open to feedback?

How many of these questions did you answer ‘no’ or ‘kind of’ too?  No one prepares you in life for interviews, there isn’t real time courses with employers to practice answering questions that are tough and require answers that you may have never asked yourself or even talked about. There are some people who have that natural sales ability and interviews come easier to them, for most of us we struggle, fumble our words, get nervous or anxious, and have ended up feeling like we didn’t communicate the most valuable parts of our personality and experience.

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article called:  So You Botched a Job Interview. What’s Next?  It outlines some of the most common mishaps with suggestions to improve, which are great but they can’t replace the real thing and create that in the moment experience – which is where things tend to go awry. 

That’s why we created two packages called Enhance and Execute, the goal in building these is to focus on customizing each session to you.  Specifically, the roles and companies you’re applying for, and how to show up as the best version of you! With some tips and tricks to help get your name to the top of the list.

What makes the Kinship Kollective the right choice?  Kinship has interviewed thousands of people and placed hundreds, at every level, for growth-focused companies in the US and Canada.  We want to offer our knowledge and experience and help you land your dream job!

Are you ready to make that next career move, or take your skillset and move into a different industry, or perhaps you’ve been called in for that promotion and you have to go in front of the executive team?  Where ever you’re at, we’ve got your back.

Konnect with us today to learn more, or book the Enhance or Execute online package today.