Kinship has interviewed and placed hundreds of people, at every level, for growth-focused companies. We are sharing our knowledge and experience to help you land your dream job!

We provide tailored support and insights into what companies are looking for and how best to prepare for the interview.  These packages were created to support you standing out + communicating who you are, so you can land that next role. 

Watch our video to find out why we created the Individual Excellence Program. 



You’re confident, ready for your next move, but recognize that the employment landscape has changed and would like some support in fine-tuning your approach.


  • Guidance and review on what to include in your resume.

  • Things to consider and highlight when interviewing.

  • Feedback on selected companies, roles of interest, and support on the best plan of attack.

  • 30-minute Zoom meeting customized to your goal.

Working with Jenna was necessary. I knew I had the right things to get where I wanted, but executing them with confidence is another story. Jenna gave me the confidence I needed to deliver.


Enhance Package, Client



Whether you’re beginning your career or preparing for your next big move, this package is focused on your career objectives, customizing a program to ensure your foundation is solid and you’re ready to knock it out of the park!


  • Specific guidance on your resume layout and content to ensure key experiences are clearly articulated.

  • Feedback on selected companies, roles of interest, and support on the best plan of attack to land an interview.

  • 30-minute Zoom meeting with customized feedback and goals based on customized questionnaire.

  • 60-minute mock Zoom interview to prepare for your next interview, tailored feedback for review for reference.


Are you looking for something different than the Enhance or Execute Package?  We recognize that each person needs something different and we love to customize programs that are specific to your needs.

Book a 15-minute consult with us so we can to create an action plan that’s perfect for you.